Residing in Los Angeles and travelling the world from Japan, GOH (Goh Kurosawa) is a 'tap/slap' guitarist armed with his original songs of acoustic rock jazz, electrifying soundscapes, and stunning arrangements of familiar global melodies.

“Keep it simple, believe, and live every day.”

All throughout his life, Goh has been sharing honest stories and life expressions though music. His current tour is called the Broken Tour, and his acoustic guitar is nicknamed Honey Beast. 

“It’s easy, it’s not hard, it’s fun.”

Goh has been actively touring locally and internationally since 2005. Having performed in a wide range of settings and festivals (for music, art, movement, schools, and community centers), he performs fifty plus live shows in Japan annually, produces Brilliant Strings in Los Angeles quarterly, conducts workshops/seminars at universities and schools regularly, frequents the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Portland areas), and has performed featured concerts in Taiwan, Brazil, France, Canada, Myanmar, and Mexico. Wedding celebrations, graduation ceremonies, senior retirement homes, the street, the forest, and other creative spaces where music resonates are all a part of his itinerary.

“Art is meant to be shared.”
--Pete Morris (Metro DaVinci Watercolors)

Goh’s audience recognizes various reflections of cultural emotions while listening to and experiencing his videos, his recordings, and his live performances. People have identified his music with concepts such as acoustic, rock, jazz, dance music, sit-down music, tap-slap, Brazilian bossa nova, Spanish flamenco, hip-hop beats, Latin grooves, Balkan rhythms, Electronica-sound-effects, prog-rock, metal, experimental, classical, and the Japanese 'yamato soul' (大和魂). To simplify, call it acoustic rock jazz. Goh continues his journey to move towards his own heart, sound, and soul.  

"Stay true to yourself."
--Clare Graham (Artist/Collector/Shaman)

Unplugged, Goh embraces a single guitar to create an orchestra with drum beats, percussive grooves, bass lines, and memorable melodies. As an electric 'pedalist' he tweaks, bends, and twists soundscapes. He puts on high energy modern rock performances along with traditional elegantly powerful acoustic and classical chamber gestures; he is quiet, and he is loud. Life experiences and vivid awakenings are the primary sources of Goh’s songs; musical and technical influences would include everything and everyone from Paco de Lucia (flamenco) to creative jazz (Egberto Gismonti, Vinny Golia, and Miles Davis to name three) to high-gained biting electric guitar distortions to world percussionists and rock drummers.

"Don't hold back."
--Adam Levy (of Norah Jones’ Handsome Band)

Scott Yanow (journalist for AllMusic & LA Jazz Scene) expresses: "Goh Kurosawa's music is beyond any simple classification. The guitarist improvises melodically, is open to the influences of pop, rock, flamenco, classical, Latin and Japanese music, and has his own musical identity. Equally skilled on electric and acoustic guitars, he has mastered tapping and sometimes uses electrical devices to create a wide range of sounds yet is not shy to embrace a pretty melody; personable and eager to talk about his music and guitar tunings between songs, Goh put on a warm and entertaining show. His set included Bob Marley's No Women No Cry, My Family My Friends (original), a Japanese folk song, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (which he sang) and parts of a suite he recently composed."

“Sharpness is kindness, kindness is sharpness.”

Goh is often referred to as a 'musical wakonyosai' (音の和魂洋才) or the bicultural music samurai. Wakonyosai (和魂洋才) is an approach to the Western knowledge with the Japanese spirit. Overall, he views himself as a world citizen, and lives in the city of angels with Nyan-Nyan, his blue eyed white tiger cat… send a note just to say hi, or book him (serious inquiries please). Goh continues to be on the lookout for new settings to play, students to teach, opportunities to share at large, and compose life.

“Rock on with love!”


“My Family My Friends” (visit video page “HERE” for featured releases)


“Blue Quiet Sound” (a dedication to the Puget Sound of the Pacific Ocean; find it on album page “HERE”)

Festivals & Recognitions


Main stage performances at
   -Sagan Music Fest in Japan since 2014
   -Spring Scream Rock Fest in
    Taiwan 2007/2015
   -Lotus Festival in Los Angeles 2005-2017
   -Owner's B-Day @ Wild Buffalo (Bellingham,
    WA) since 2006
   -Biwako Jazz Fest in Japan 2015  
   -Zihuatanejo International Guitar Fest in
    Mexico 2005/2013/2014/2018

   -Certificate of recognition from city of Los
    Angeles 2007-2017
   -2015'S Hot 100 of Music Connection
   -Semi-finalist for International Songwriting
    Competition 2014/2015
   -TOP 25 of Music Connection Magazine 2013

2017 JPF Awards
   Six nominations for an international awards    
   -Sharp Three Zero Cool for "Best Instrumental
    Rock" album
   -Energy/命 for "Best Solo Guitar" album
   -Boom! for "Best Instrumental Rock" song
   -El Fuego for "Best Instrumental Rock" song
    (by Kai Kurosawa, Goh's brother)
   -My Family My Friends for "Best Solo
    Guitar" song  
   -Fruit Bunny III for "Best Solo Guitar" song

Endorsed by
   -Elite Acoustics (Sunburst Gear)
   -Jack Sanders Guitars (builder & repair
   -Kaminari Guitars
   -Acoustic Image Amps
   -Stansell Guitars (flamenco & ukulele guitars)

TV and radio appearances on
   -LA18 (in Los Angeles)
   -Saga TV (in Japan)
   -Zihua FM (in Mexico)
   -Minor7th Podcast (listen "HERE" or click
    below / read "HERE")

Community building 


Performances (in Myanmar)
   Goen Projects Lucky Field
   with All Nippon Airways and Elite Acoustics

Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre California
   Educational enhancement performances

TYME Foundation Ceremony since 2010
   Performance with an organization that teaches
   young men and women excellence

The Boys & Girls Club 2017
   Conversational and musical exchanges with
   the kids at Notes for Notes

L.A. Musical Artists Uniting to Help Japan (click “HERE” for documentary)


"Guitar savant GOH brings a stuffed burrito of influences that includes everything from Japanese folk and Paco de Lucia-style flamenco to Elvis and Guns N' Roses!"
--Monterey County Weekly (by Adam Joseph)

"Cool CD!"
--Guitar Player Magazine

"Besides excelling in a myriad of musical styles ranging from Jazz, to Classical, even to Hard Rock/Metal, he portrays a substantial amount of knowledge and ability in various instruments. GOH can also take these vastly different styles and make them his own."
--Shane Gibson (of Korn & shred-guitar)

"GOH is an acoustic guitarist who performs using his entire instrument harmonically and percussively with original songs that will take you on a journey to new worlds and expressive arrangements of familiar songs that will bring you close to home."
--Geli Wuerzner (musician & author of "Breaking the Bend")

Collaborators include

Kelli Ali (Linkin'Park, Bootsy Collins, and Marilyn Manson) John Bergamo (Frank Zappa's Abnuceals Emukka Orchestra, John McLaughlin's Shakti, and Hands On'Semble) Mon David (jazz artist)   Roland Dyens (modern classical guitarist) Chris Fossek (Mediterranean flamenco guitar) Charlie Haden (Grammy winner jazz artist) Abe Lagrimas, Jr. (drums/ukulele/vibes) Thomas Leeb (finger-style) Adam Levy (Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, and Ani Difranco) Pete Morris (Metro DaVinci Watercolors) Alan Paul (of the Manhattan Transfer) Sharp Three (Kai Kurosawa, Chuck van Haecke, and Nick Terry of Los Angeles Percussion Quartet) Miroslav Tadic (The Grand Mothers Reinvented, David Torn, and Dusan Bogdanovic) Misawa Mataro (Masaharu Fukuyama, and Mika Nakashima) Masaki Yamada (of the Japanese rock band Loudness)


Los Angeles Times (read "HERE")
The Tribune (read "HERE")
Downbeat Magazine (read "HERE")
JazzTimes (read "HERE")
Acoustic Magazine (read "HERE")
Guitar Player Magazine (listen "HERE" or click below / read "HERE")

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