New Day by Goh Kurosawa

Los Angeles / ロス → Hong Kong / 香港 → Higashiikoma / 東生駒 → Nagoya / 名古屋 → Hamamatsu / 浜松 ... Japan tour begins today / 日本ツアー今日始まります!!!

Friday today in Hamamatsu, tomorrow Saturday in Kofu, and Sunday in Maebashi; 17 events in Japan all the way up to April 29. Then Cali and Pacific Northwest ... I will have a show in Santa Barbara (Saturday, May 11), and I just got booked to perform at Folk Life in Seattle (Monday, May 27, Memorial Day). Please go to link above for all shows. 

金曜日今日は浜松ライブ、明日土曜日は甲府ライブ、日曜日は前橋ライブで4月29日まで17のイベント(ライブや校内セミナー)がございます。五月はカリフォルニアとワシントン... 5/11にサンタバーバラで、5/27にシアトルです。上記リンクでツアー予定ご覧ください。

I went for my morning work out here in Japan. Took about one hour and a half to really energize my mind and body. The weather here is nice, makes me feel like I am back in sunny LA on a fine day. I had time to think about things. Yesterday, I got a hair cut from Seigoh at LeeZen, and then ate a lot of cabbage with Jun who has been working on doing things as if he were left handed. 


In March I received a custom amp “Lucky8“ with my name on it from Elite Acoustics, and a custom guitar cable set “Slow Burn“ with my face on it from Sea Side Sound

3月には僕の名前が入ったアンプ “Lucky8“ (from Elite Acoustics) と、僕の顔が入ったギターケーブルのセット “Slow Burn“ (from Sea Side Sound) を頂きました。

In Japan, or the US, or Myanmar, or Cuba, or Mexico, and probably anywhere else in the world, ultimately all we want is to love and to be loved.


My tour title is currently Broken Tour. The name will be changing, everything evolves.

現在のツアータイトル Broken Tour はもうしばらく後に変わります、次に進む時です。

Let's all have a great day today. It is always a new day.


St. Louis 2019 by Goh Kurosawa

Wilson School Alumni Achievement Award by Goh Kurosawa

I am one of the two recipients of The Wilson School’s 2019 Alumni Achievement Awards... St. Louis is where my life in the United States started!


First Night Monterey 2019 by Goh Kurosawa

Recently by Goh Kurosawa

皆さん、こんばんは。今日は僕の最新CD 「 Solo (Honey Beast v2) 」 や出演イベントを掲載させていただいた2018年の新聞記事等の紹介と、このごろの天気や気候に注目です。米国ロスでは記録を破る暑い日を二週間ほど前に経験... 日本は西日本大雨のち猛暑と聞いています。お互い命をありがたく思う心で毎日をぜひ、生きましょう。

Hope everybody is having a great Monday. I wanted to share with you some news from 2018... mine and one other from Japan. There has been crazy rain in western Japan, and then crazy heat has been continuing; I hear that 200 people have died. It has been hot in Los Angeles also. Let us all please remember to live every day.

命 Life by Goh Kurosawa

"Life... life with him... life without him... life before her... life after her... life.
I am, I was, and I will always be grateful and thankful."

「 いのち... 彼と共の人生... 彼と別の人生... 彼女の前の人生... 彼女の後の人生... いのち。
今も、昔も、そしていつまでもありがたい感謝の気持ちとこころ、育てます。 」

Upward to Portland by Goh Kurosawa


Back from Japan after performing/teaching at over 30 places, and getting ready for Unity Fest at Daniel Webster Middle School (fourth to the last photo below is from last year at the festival) in Los Angeles. As always, here are photos I shot during the second half of my tour in Japan. If you have not seen the first half, click " " please. Rock on with love!

Artichoke Music (Portland, OR)

Jefferson Classical Guitar Society (Talent, OR) 

Boys to Men After School Enrichment Program (Burbank, CA)

Lotus Festival (Los Angeles, CA)

日本から帰りました。結果的に演奏したり先生したり、また、本当に、本当に、ゆっくりする時間ができました... 最高でした。今夜は明日のユニティーフェスに向け準備を進めています。ここの写真は僕が日本ツアー中に撮ったもので、最後から四番目は去年の ユニティーフェスからです。ツアー前半の写真は " " でご覧ください。日本超大好き、次は10月です、よろしく!

SONG OF MYANMAR by Goh Kurosawa

Watch the opening celebration of Si Kyun village school in Myanmar. The end of the video features a special live performance.


come out come out come out by Goh Kurosawa







come out come out come out...
出かけてください... (新曲非公開bootleg動画) 

Rock with love. 


Pacific Northwest,
Zihua Guitar Fest in Mexico,
now back in Japan,
going well.

5 years later and back in Ishinomaki,
one of the cities that was hit hard by the big earthquake in 2011.

Tonight is a nice night,
the folks here love guitar!!!
I was energized.

Tomorrow Friday in Sendai,
Saturday in Iwaki,
Sunday in Tokyo. (tour schedule)

Live in Myanmar (bootleg)... 

Photos from Zihua...

come out come out come out,
go out go out go out... (unleashed bootleg video from Japan)

Rock with love. 


Kai & Goh by Goh Kurosawa

Kurosawa Brothers (Kai & Goh)
representing Los Angeles & Japan... rockin' Mexico... @ Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival 2018... the week begins... (program)... ROCK!!!

ロスと日本代表... メキシコで... 国際ギターフェス再びヘッドライナー... 今週です... 終了後はそれぞれ日本ツアー... たのしいいです!!!

Mother Power by Goh Kurosawa

Pacific Northwest along Chuckanut Drive

Mother Power... "Don't mess with it!"
ーLynn Handy (mother/nurse/friend)

母親の愛力... 「 宇宙一! 」