West Coast 2019 / by Goh Kurosawa

-June 5, 2019-

Gotta risk it to get the biscuit… after driving 2815 miles in two weeks, I am home; I am so happy that I decided not to fly to Seattle!

やったもんがちです... 2週間で4530kmをひとりマイカーで米国西海岸まわりました。飛行機使わなくて本当に楽しい旅になりました!

-May 30, 2019-


"Don't be afraid."

Fun news first... I am in Yreka California, and I just made some new friends a few hours ago. I decided to follow my nose, and stopped here to get an onion burger, and I heard about a club in town. It was almost 2pm, I played for the owners, and therefore, I got a gig to play tonight at the Rex Club, one of the prime spots for music in town. My original plan was to drive to Grass Valley for the night and visit the Mother Lode. 

More news next... my radio show appearance on KPIG and house concert in Carmel are postponed. I have a choice how to act, so as much as possible, make a better choice please... I did a good job; driving from Southern Oregon with a smile on my face, it was after I learned about the postponed radio show that I stopped in Yreka to find the unexpected joy.

The point...

"Believe, keep it simple, and live every day."

Let life be beautiful all the time, have a fantastic day.