Recently / by Goh Kurosawa

皆さん、こんばんは。今日は僕の最新CD 「 Solo (Honey Beast v2) 」 や出演イベントを掲載させていただいた2018年の新聞記事等の紹介と、このごろの天気や気候に注目です。米国ロスでは記録を破る暑い日を二週間ほど前に経験... 日本は西日本大雨のち猛暑と聞いています。お互い命をありがたく思う心で毎日をぜひ、生きましょう。

Hope everybody is having a great Monday. I wanted to share with you some news from 2018... mine and one other from Japan. There has been crazy rain in western Japan, and then crazy heat has been continuing; I hear that 200 people have died. It has been hot in Los Angeles also. Let us all please remember to live every day.