"Yuzuri (Sharing 譲り)" / by Goh Kurosawa

"Yuzuri (Sharing 譲り)" composed by GOH (guitar)

Sharing; nothing more nothing less. This song is dedicated to Yuzuru Kobayashi. He wanted the ending to sound like as if a thunder was gradually approaching and finally exploding. Originally recorded on my album HITORI (2007), I feel like I am finally getting around to really being able to perform the songs on the album; don't be surprised to see more from HITORI revamped. Thank you 2017, and looking forward to continuing the journey into 2018. Happy holidays & rock on with love!


Elite Acoustics (new 'A655' amplifier to be released in 2018)
Kaminari Cables
Fishman Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup
Nikon 5500 (with 2.8)
Msi Laptop
Vegas Pro 13
iZotope RX4
LeeZen (リゼン; hair stylist)
MXR (Super Badass Distortion)
Headway EDB‑2
Martin Strings
Honey Beast (Lowden Guitar)
Jack Sanders Guitars

filmed in Los Angeles
cameras by Sansu
short film by Gyokun