"Song of Myanmar" / by Goh Kurosawa

"Song of Myanmar"

This was my first trip to Myanmar. The climate is quite different from what I am used to in the US and Japan, and I believe it destroyed my Michael Jackson jacket. I was not surprised since I had a hard time breathing at 4am when I went out for a run... things were very much not in the normal conditions I was used to overall. The audio is from a performance I did at one of the schools, and all the footage in this video was shot by myself. Ten years ago, I had a goal to visit a new country every year; I am now revisiting that goal with some flexibility. Myanmar reminded me to live once. People were so nice, and the kids just simply loved to rock... I can be that way, we all can be that way.

Goen Projects Lucky Field
Naomi Hanafusa (花房尚美)
Okimitsu Fukamachi (深町 興光)
Kimiko Watanabe (渡辺 紀美子)
Shuichiro Noguchi (野口 周一郎)
Mayumi Oura (大浦まゆみ)
ANA (全日空 All Nippon Airways)
Elite Acoustics (prototype of 'A655' amplifier)
Kaminari Cables
Fishman Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup
Zoom Q8
Canon VIXIA mini X
Sony Cyber‑shot DSC‑WX300
Msi Laptop
Vegas Pro 13
iZotope RX4
LeeZen (リゼン; hair stylist)
MXR (Super Badass Distortion)
Headway EDB‑2
Martin Strings
Lowden Guitar
Jack Sanders Guitars

filmed in Myanmar
music & cameras by GOH (http://www.ComposeLife.com)
short film by Gyo-Kun