Bicultural musical traveler GOH (Goh Kurosawa; guitar & voice) offers compositions and improvisations. Being well-traveled, it is not surprising to notice the various reflections of the globe while listening and experiencing his works on sound recordings or at live events. People have identified his style with musical genres such as creative music, acoustic, electric, bossa nova, jazz, folk, rock, flamenco, Latin, Balkan, classical, world music, experimental and beyond. To simplify, "acoustic rock jazz" is definitely the way to Goh. 

All alone unplugged, he embraces a single guitar to create drum beats, percussive grooves, bass lines, and memorable melodies all at the same time; as an electric 'pedalist' he tweaks, bends, and twists soundscapes. His original material is influenced by everything from Paco de Lucia (flamenco legend master) to jazz-genres (Vinny Golia and Miles Davis to name just two) to Erlend Krauser (rock electric guitarist in a style perhaps similar to Jeff Beck).

Goh is referred to as a "musical wakonyosai." Wakonyosai (和魂洋才) is an approach to the Western knowledge with the Japanese spirit. He has worked with film, dance, theatre, as well as write/arrange/record for various musical settings including bands, vocalists, jazz combos, chamber music ensembles, a metal polka project, solo trumpet, mandolin orchestra, and obviously various guitar adventures.

Scott Yanow (journalist for AllMusic & LA Jazz Scene) expresses: "Goh Kurosawa's music is beyond any simple classification. The guitarist improvises melodically, is open to the influences of pop, rock, flamenco, classical, Latin and Japanese music, and has his own musical identity. Equally skilled on electric and acoustic guitars, he has mastered tapping and sometimes uses electrical devices to create a wide range of sounds yet is not shy to embrace a pretty melody; personable and eager to talk about his music and guitar tunings between songs, Goh put on a warm and entertaining show. His set included Bob Marley's No Women No Cry, My Family My Friends (original), a Japanese folk song, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (which he sang) and parts of a suite he recently composed."

Although he has always been active in music, Goh considers 2005 to be the beginning of his pro international career when he was booked as a headliner for the Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival. The festival has brought him back throughout the years; a connection with a little paradise in the middle of Mexico and Japan was established. Leading into this year was a turning point as Thomas Leeb, his friend from school and renowned finger-style guitarist taught Goh his pieces, Albino, which gave a insightful start to beat-the-guitar quite radically different from the percussive flamenco guitar elements.   

In 2009, out of the 42,000 CDs and the 560,000 works submitted from 163 countries, Goh's composition, HITORI, was nominated and placed among the top six in the category of solo guitar at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee; the largest music award ceremony of any kind in music history. His album also entitled HITORI, a collection of diverse original solo guitar works, has been brought to global attention by music journals such as ACOUSTIC MAGAZINE (UK).

Goh performs on acoustic, classical, electric, and sitar guitars. Being deeply impacted by flamenco for over ten years, his repertoire has included a Bulerias (the most energetic form in the meter of 12/8) by Paco De Lucia. Shortly after completing his formal musical trainings at the university level, Goh realized that it was necessary to have an elastic ensemble in order to sustain certain musical concepts. In 2004, he formed an instrumental trio known today as Sharp Three: a mixture of creative reflections injected with progressive jazz-styles and cool rock grooves. SHARP THREE, the self-titled LP containing nine original compositions, has garnered recognition from magazines such as GUITAR PLAYER (US), and the second CD/DVD, ZERO COOL, won positive reviews from additional publications such as JAZZTIMES (US), ALL ABOUT JAZZ (UK), MUSICIANS INSTITUTE (Japan). The album was supported with a US west coast tour, followed by a Japan tour.

Goh has made appearances by performing and teaching at festivals, universities, clubs, among other live venues in the US, Canada, France, South Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, and Japan. Other credits include collaborations with guitar giant Miroslav Tadic (The Grand Mothers Reinvented, David Torn, and Dusan Bogdanovic), Masaki Yamada of the legendary Japanese rock band Loudness, Grammy Award-winning jazz artist Charlie Haden, Kelli Ali (Linkin'Park, Bootsy Collins, and Marilyn Manson) of One Little Indian Records, Alan Paul of the Manhattan Transfer, fingerstyle guitarist Thomas Leeb, modern classical guitarist Roland Dyens, and master percussionist John Bergamo (Frank Zappa's Abnuceals Emukka Orchestra, John McLaughlin's Shakti, and Hands On'Semble). Currently Goh resides in Los Angeles, California with Nyan-Nyan his blue eyed cat.

"Blue Quiet Sound" composed by GOH (guitar) 〰from "Blue Quiet Sound" CD〰 The beautiful Pacific Northwest has brought me inspiration. In 2015, as I was touring Seattle as a part of my spring beast world tour, I made a stop at the ocean with a friend to discover that it was called Puget Sound (click "" and hit SHOW MORE for the entire story).