"Goh + T-hana" photo by    Goryo Kuwano

"Goh + T-hana" photo by Goryo Kuwano

Published on August 5, 2015
"My Family My Friends" composed by GOH (Guitar)
〰a dedication to all listeners〰

Honest truth..... my music is supported/listened (and these days also watched on YT) by a dedicated following who come to my shows, buy my CDs, and send emails with energizing messages. 

You the listener, I thank YOU! 

I have re-energized this solo guitar groove. There are no other instruments used on this jam; yes it is completely performed solo on an amplified acoustic guitar better known as Honey Beast. One Japanese guy with long hair, no overdubs, one take one shot. Be sure to check out my live performance (https://goo.gl/DpSc7m) on TV in Japan. 

My Family My Friends was composed in mind with people dancing loud and proud at the hottest dance clubs all over the world. In this short film (as Micheal Jackson used to call his music clips), my stage is on a high-rise rooftop looking over the beautiful landscape of Los Angeles.

This song is for you and me; us, ALL of us, so RISE & ROCK!!!

My songs are available on the world wide web; to support me directly, PLEASE buy from my website above.

Thank you!


Kaminari Cables 
Lowden Guitar
Jack Sanders Guitars
Elixir Strings
Fishman Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup
Motu UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid
Msi Laptop
Vegas Pro 13
Le Salon (ルーサロン; hair stylist)
Coconut Oil

filmed in Los Angeles
cameras by Kai Kurosawa & Sue Morris
short film (video & audio mixed) by Gyo-Kun