"Residing in Los Angeles and travelling the world from Japan, GOH is a 'tap/slap' guitarist armed with his original songs of acoustic rock jazz, electrifying soundscapes, and stunning arrangements of familiar global melodies." (click ‶here″ for new photo, Goh's story, and new video; updated March 2016)

ロサンゼルス在住、日本生まれ日本育ちの GOH (豪) は世界を舞台に独自のアコギ・ロック・ジャズ、音の色彩情景とも言われるサウンドスケープ、さらに国々で愛される歌や文化をアレンジし続けるオリジナル "tap/slap (タップスラップ)" ギタリスト。(Japanese / 日本語のみ希望の方はココをクリック


"My Family My Friends" composed by GOH 〰a dedication to all listeners〰 You the listener, I thank YOU! I have re-energized this solo guitar groove. There are no other instruments used on this jam; yes it is completely performed solo on an amplified acoustic guitar better known as Honey Beast (click "https://goo.gl/wlhCZD" and hit SHOW MORE for the entire story).



「読むラジオ」(March 2016; Japanese only, sorry guys!)

2015'S HOT 100 (Music Connection Magazine USA)

Semi-Finalist (International Songwriting Competition 2015)

"Blue Quiet Sound" by Goh Kurosawa (The Jazz Owl Favorites of 2015)

Blue Quiet Sound (JazzTimes 2015)

GOH "Blue Quiet Sound" (CDBaby.com / iTunes)

KRUU FM (with Jessica Burks)

Producer (of Brilliant Strings)

Endorsement deal with Elite Acoustics (www.eliteacoustics.com)

「読むラジオ」(November 2015; Japanese only, sorry guys!)

Headliner (Japan Oita World Market Fest 2015)

LA Jazz Scene 2015

Los Angeles Times 2015

Certificate of Recognition 2015&2014 (City of Los Angeles)

Headliner (Taiwan Spring Scream Festival 2015/2007)

Gym Core Workout 2014 (yes, I train!)

リットーミュージック 2014

Endorsement deal with Kaminari Guitars

Sharp Three Zero Cool (All About Jazz 2014)

Headliner (Japan Sagan Music Fest 2014)

Energy / 命 (album review @ JazzTimes)

Guitar Player Magazine 2013 (listen/read)

GOH "Energy / 命" (CDBaby.com / iTunes)

"Sharp Three Zero Cool... thrilling adventures!" (2013 JJA 'Best of')

"Sharp Three... expansive soundscape!" 2013 TOP 25 of Music Connection Magazine USA

SHARP THREE "Zero Cool" (BandCamp.com / CDBaby.com / iTunes)

Rafu Simpo (Los Angeles Japanese Daily News)

L.A. Musical Artists Uniting to Help Japan 2011 (short video documentary)

Downbeat Magazine 2010

Hitori (reviewed by Minor7th.com)

Hitori (reviewed by Acoustic Magazine UK)

GOH "Hitori" (out of print)

Nothingness (reviewed by Percussive Notes 2008)

Guitar Player Magazine 2007

SHARP THREE "Nothingness / 無" (CDBaby.com / iTunes)

GOH "Before Sunset" (out of print)

Headliner (Mexico Zihuatanejo International Guitar Festival 2014/2013/2005)



Sharp Three Music (BMI)



"Guitar savant GOH brings a stuffed burrito of influences that includes everything
from Japanese folk and Paco de Lucia-style flamenco to Elvis and Guns N' Roses!" 
Monterey County Weekly (by Adam Joseph)

"Cool CD!"
Guitar Player Magazine

"GOH is an acoustic guitarist who performs using his entire instrument
harmonically and percussively with original songs that will take you on a journey to new worlds
and expressive arrangements of familiar songs that will bring you close to home." 
Geli Wuerzner (Musician & Author of "Breaking the Bend") 



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