"Goh + Honey Beast" photo by    Goryo Kuwano

"Goh + Honey Beast" photo by Goryo Kuwano

Published on Jun 2, 2015
"First Thing / Hallelujah" composed/arranged by GOH (Guitar & Voice)
〰a video for celebrating life (dedicated to Japan and the rest of the world for a bright tomorrow)〰

First Thing (GOH) - 0:00
Hallelujah (arranged by GOH; inspired by Jeff Buckley; written by Leonard Cohen) - 2:43
My photos (2011 - April 2015) from Tohoku Japan - 10:47

The 9.0 magnitude Tohoku Earthquake in 2011 happened on March 11. That same year, I went to Kesenuma (気仙沼), Rikuzentakada (陸前高田), and Minamisanriku (南三陸) to learn and feel the area that was changed completely by the disaster; riding along the ocean coast with a taxi driver who was born and raised there, I saw through his memory once what was; with my eyes, I saw what was left... with my heart, I felt what was lost. 

I was shocked, I felt my heart crying with pouring rain. The day before my visit to the area that was drastically wiped away by the angry ocean, I heard Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley (written by Leonard Cohen) for the very first time; thank you to Chuck van Haecke. I needed to arrange the song and make it my own... in order not to forget what I felt during my first visit to Tohoku after the devastation that the Tsunami caused. 

My travels have taken me to Ishinomaki (石巻), and in early 2015 during my Spring Beast World Tour, I visited Fukushima (福島) for the first time in my life; this is where there was a nuclear meltdown. 

I sing this song to celebrate life... no more no less; do not be sad, do not be mad, but look for a bright tomorrow... listen from deep within I ask, as well as the people of Japan. Life is beautiful, yes it is.

All the photos in the video were taken by myself. 

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Lowden Guitar
Jack Sanders Guitars
Kaminari Cables 
Elixir Strings
Fishman Rare Earth Blend Soundhole Pickup
Headway (edb-2)
Sennheiser e935
Le Salon (ルーサロン; hair stylist)

cameras by Sue Morris & Gyo-Kun
filmed at Social Hall @ First Presbyterian Church
short film (video & audio mixed) by Gyo-Kun