New Day / by Goh Kurosawa

Los Angeles / ロス → Hong Kong / 香港 → Higashiikoma / 東生駒 → Nagoya / 名古屋 → Hamamatsu / 浜松 ... Japan tour begins today / 日本ツアー今日始まります!!!

Friday today in Hamamatsu, tomorrow Saturday in Kofu, and Sunday in Maebashi; 17 events in Japan all the way up to April 29. Then Cali and Pacific Northwest ... I will have a show in Santa Barbara (Saturday, May 11), and I just got booked to perform at Folk Life in Seattle (Monday, May 27, Memorial Day). Please go to link above for all shows. 

金曜日今日は浜松ライブ、明日土曜日は甲府ライブ、日曜日は前橋ライブで4月29日まで17のイベント(ライブや校内セミナー)がございます。五月はカリフォルニアとワシントン... 5/11にサンタバーバラで、5/27にシアトルです。上記リンクでツアー予定ご覧ください。

I went for my morning work out here in Japan. Took about one hour and a half to really energize my mind and body. The weather here is nice, makes me feel like I am back in sunny LA on a fine day. I had time to think about things. Yesterday, I got a hair cut from Seigoh at LeeZen, and then ate a lot of cabbage with Jun who has been working on doing things as if he were left handed. 


In March I received a custom amp “Lucky8“ with my name on it from Elite Acoustics, and a custom guitar cable set “Slow Burn“ with my face on it from Sea Side Sound

3月には僕の名前が入ったアンプ “Lucky8“ (from Elite Acoustics) と、僕の顔が入ったギターケーブルのセット “Slow Burn“ (from Sea Side Sound) を頂きました。

In Japan, or the US, or Myanmar, or Cuba, or Mexico, and probably anywhere else in the world, ultimately all we want is to love and to be loved.


My tour title is currently Broken Tour. The name will be changing, everything evolves.

現在のツアータイトル Broken Tour はもうしばらく後に変わります、次に進む時です。

Let's all have a great day today. It is always a new day.